Lace Wig Vs Normal Wig: A Few Things That Set Them Apart!

There are always those slight differences between a lace wig and a normal wig which make you wonder which is worth investing. Even while making a wig purchase, all you end up with is wondering which is better full lace or front lace. Undeniably, no two wig types can be superior to other but what matters is the personal choice of the wig wearer. Like the two sides of a coin, every wig type has got its own pros and cons.

So, this article is all set to feed you with the basics of a lace wig and a normal wig as well as their differences thus, ultimately helping you with your final wig purchase.
•The Wig Appearance Can Say A Lot About Its Quality: Lace front wigs, very closely resembles ones natural hair, giving a more realistic look in comparison to any other normal wig. While there is lace only at the front hairline in lace front wigs, there’s a complete lace base in full lace wigs covering the entire head. Though regular or normal wigs are bit heavy yet they are easy to wear. Lace wigs, however, are lightweight but requires a lot of effort to be made ready-to-use.

•Cost Is The Biggest Factor That Distinguishes Lace From The Normal: Lace wigs being expensive are worth this cost due to their superior manufacturing. Its fine quality, texture, and high durability are unmatched by any other regular wig and hence, you will never regret investing in lace wigs in the long run. On the other hand, normal wigs which are equally cheaper also justify its quality and texture in the short run or when used occasionally for styling purposes. So wig prices depend on the durability and usage of each wig and are accordingly priced high and low.


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•Versatility In Styling Also Marks A Big Difference Between The Two: Versatility is better offered by the full lace wigs, starting from high ponytails to lower ones, curling straightening, shortening, etc. just the way you want it to be. However, normal wigs come up with limited styling options. You can only use them in the particular style they come manufactured. So lace wigs give you infinite styling options as compared to the normal ones that are style limited.

•Installation Of Wigs, How Easily They Can Impart You That Perfect Look: Wigs are those beautifying agents that need to be installed properly. While installing a normal wig is easy and simple by just putting on the cap on your head, it needs a lot of attention, care and effort to put on a lace wig. Fixing of lace wigs follows various steps such as bleaching the frontline lace in lace front wigs if the black hair dots are visible, tweezing the hairs in the lace front, cutting the extra lace if needed, and then finally putting the lace wig on using an elastic tape, band or glue. While earlier it used to be a huge concern for the wig lovers if the stock of wigs runs out, nowadays, online wigs stores make it convenient for the wig users to avail from their wide range of wigs collections including the stock of discount lace front wigs. After all, who wouldn’t want lace front wigs at discounted rates?

So no matter what your wig type is, there will always be some factors that will need your prior consideration. Besides the above mentioned basic ones, there will be many unique to the users. Therefore, it will solely depend on your usage preferences- whether you need a heavy-styled or light styled wig or looking for some daily or occasional use hairpiece. And, top of all, most importantly, it will also depend on your budget.
If you still find yourself among those who are in a dilemma of making a final choice on wigs then it’s high time for you to make yourself aware of the above stated basics of a lace wig and a normal wig and be a proud possessor of at least one! The more you research, the more you will get better on your wig choices. So make a choice that is well-researched!

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