Short Wig: It’s No More An Understated Style Statement

There was a time when beauty was defined by the length of the tresses. But today hairstyles do not have to be long to be attractive. You can be a show stopper in that short wig too or a gray wig if all you want to be is differently stylish. Nowadays, the list of expensive wigs doesn’t just comprise of lengthy, wavy locks. The new set of wigs for women is all about the trend. From odd color choices like gray or white to the styles once totally offbeat, the present day wig collection is making waves in the artificial hair industry. And, with top brands like Jon Renau already in this line, you will get to explore the best of wigs Canada for your stylish hair needs.

So while thinking of rocking a short hair style, no need to sacrifice your real hair. For there’s a short wig available to fulfil all your desires of the hottest and the shortest hairstyles. Here, we bring for you the top short wig picks from the house of Jon Renau that is sure to set the stage on fire:

Jazz Petite Sized Wig:

What can be sexier than a wig with flip out ends? Nothing for sure. It is this Jazz Petite wig that assures short wigs are sexy too. Its fuss-free construction is what makes it a ready-to-wear synthetic hair that looks and feels like natural hair.

Coming in an ultra-lightweight cap, it provides a comfortable fit to the wearer along with better ventilation and coolness to her scalp. Their secure fit and material softness make them naturally gorgeous, leaving you carefree and cheerful for a whole day long.

This short wig also comes in an average cap size as well as a mono version with a double monofilament top, giving you a sufficient choice to make a choice.

This short wig from Jon Renau classic collection is what you need to stand above the crowd. Its refined pixie cut with short, feminine layers and that genteel glow is something that your friends will envy. Whether it’s golden or a gray wig on your mind, Allure lets you experiment with a range of colors with a unique twist. Incredibly versatile and flawlessly polished, it makes up to the best selling classic wig that looks and feels completely natural.

These wigs for women are pre-styled and ready-to-wear and one can adorn as many styles as one wants with this short, layered wig. You can comb it down or back or simply fluff it up and it looks fantastic. Not at all fussy, Allure is a pop on and go kind of a wig that keeps you ready all the time.


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One can even go with petite and average cap sizes as well as a mono version of this wig. It all depends on you, which one you want to flaunt.

Wigs Canada stocks up some of the finest varieties of such wigs for women. So whether you are looking for a suitable short wig or want to try a gray wig, there are a number of stylish hairpieces waiting to be explored.

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