Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Hairpieces!

Wigs for women – no matter, be it the natural human hair wigs or the synthetic wigs, they always beautify the appearances of a woman. Be it as a supplement for the baldness or be it the style statement for most of the women, these hairpieces is in trend these days! You can also be a trendsetter in this; just explore the exquisite range of Wigs Toronto. Out of the various types of wigs available, you only need to choose the right one befitting you and your looks from a good Wig Shop. The Wigs Canada offers you with a large variety of high-end and finished wig products.

However, for your wig to look good and last longer, you need to follow the steps below so as to increase the lifespan of your hairpieces:

•    Human hair wigs- when not properly taken care of, they too tangle. So, in order to maintain it, use a wide tooth comb for brushing or detangling. For some types of wigs where combs or brushes are not preferable, you may use hair creams and make use of your hands to brush the wig thoroughly so as to smoothen it.


•    Make it a point to wash your hairpieces regularly. However, some wigs such as the full lace wigs are recommended to be washed frequently like once in every two weeks or else they would be subjected to excessive wear and tear. Thus, washing the wigs makes them odor-free, adds a bright glow to their appearances, and also makes it free from tangles.


•    Ensure a gentle wash in lukewarm water or cold water. Use a mild wig shampoo and a moisture rich conditioner. These will not only make your wigs smooth and frizz free but also shiny and glossy.


•    In order to dry the wet wigs or even to store the wigs, proper care and handling must be ensured. A good quality wig stand should be used for this purpose. A quality mannequin or wig-hanger also suffice the purpose. The hairpieces must be properly cleaned, brushed and well aerated before storing them. Always store a properly dried wig only as storing a wet or damp wig can cause the damage to the hair fiber thus, damaging your wig.


•    Prevent the wigs from the direct heat of sunlight, hair dryers or straighteners, etc. Never use hot water for washing the wigs. These will rather degrade the delicate hair fibers of your wigs thus, causing the hair to fall apart.


•    Any particular Wigs for women shouldn’t be worn for a long period of time as it is unhealthy for the scalp. Always switch over your wigs. It is recommended for you to have another spare wig in handy.


•    When travelling, never fold the wigs. Use their plastic packaging boxes or any wig boxes or wig stands.


Thus, these hairpieces being very delicate should always be handled with much proper care and carefulness to increase their lifespan. Avoid using hair styling products on your wigs as well as hair styling of wigs should also be avoided, after all, natural hair of any women is different from the Wigs for women.

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